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Andrea Susan Glass is an award-winning ghostwriter, book coach, and copyeditor. She has assisted hundreds of authors to write and publish their books. She is the bestselling author of Your Fabulous First Book and My Fabulous First Book. Andrea is president of Glass House Publishers and will be publishing a new book each year. Her next book is tentatively titled How to Build A Book-Based Business. In addition she will be launching the Build-A-Book online courses in 2022. Andrea is offering complimentary 30-minute book strategy sessions for first-time authors to help them off to a positive book writing and publishing journey. She also offers several book coaching programs to help aspiring authors reach their publishing dreams.

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Your Fabulous FIRST BOOK: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection

In Your Fabulous First Book you will discover the three essential elements for first-time authors to write a successful book. You will learn how to overcome any fears or obstacles in your way of starting and finishing your book as you write a nonfiction book. You will be set up for success when you find clarity, build confidence, and make connections. Each chapter begins with an inspiring quote and each section ends with an action item. If you’ve ever wondered how do you write a book, you will understand how to write a book that fulfills your author goals and reader desires. And you will have a checklist to keep you on track and guide you to a fulfilling result: your first published book!

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My Fabulous FIRST BOOK: A Workbook Companion to Your Fabulous FIRST BOOK

In My Fabulous FIRST BOOK: A Companion Workbook to Your Fabulous FIRST BOOK you will answer questions as you fill in the blanks to prepare to write a book—your first nonfiction book. You’ll follow the concepts developed in Your Fabulous First Book and be able to implement them so you can write a successful book. Even if you haven’t read the book, the workbook will cover the 11 steps you need as a guide on how to write a book—one that will satisfy the author and reader goals. As a helping professional such as a coach, healer, or solopreneur, a book will allow you to share your expertise with so many more people than you can do one on one. This workbook will fulfill the Andrea’s mission: to turn experts into authors.

“Andrea Susan Glass has written the book on writing your first book. What makes Your Fabulous First Book special and valuable is that it’s her first book in a successful career as ghostwriter, editor, and book coach for countless others’ books. As such, she develops before your eyes her personal model for overcoming the many challenges of first-time authoring—including the psychological ones—and offers it as a guide we all can follow. It’s a useful guide, full of insights, strategies, and tips. This is a book to read if you want to write a book but have doubts you can achieve it. Andrea believes you can, and her book will help you create yours.”
–Ned Steele, Author of 102 Publicity Tips, Awaken the Marketer in You, Living The Dream, and Paying It Forward

"Andrea has taken her wealth of experience as a book coach and ghostwriter to write her own first book. She leverages her unique background to address issues that have been ignored or glossed over in other writing books. She tackles each issue from a business and coaching point of view and provides relatable real-world examples to reinforce her teachings. The chapters in Your Fabulous First Book are a joy to read as they follow a consistent format with good pacing. Each chapter includes an anecdote about a client to firm up her teachings along with a candid account of how she addressed her own challenges while writing this book. She also asks relevant questions to help the reader address their own challenges in writing their own book. Andrea has created useful tools that will help aspiring authors break through their barriers and achieve their dream of writing a book. With this book at my side, I know I will soon be writing and publishing my own fabulous first book!"
Jamie Makin, aspiring author and techpreneur

Andrea Susan Glass is an award-winning ghostwriter and the
bestselling author of Your Fabulous First Book and My Fabulous First Book.
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