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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,"
-Maya Angelou

What is a book coach?
A book coach is a professional who helps authors bring their untold story from inside, out into the world! A book coach is an author's partner guiding them through the book writing and publishing journey—from where they are to where they want to be. The book coach's mission is to do whatever it takes to help authors reach their goals regarding writing and publishing a book. The coach can choose to work with the author in whatever way works best for both of them.

What does a book coach do?
A book coach guides an author along the path to writing and publishing a book. The coach can be part of the process from the very beginning where the author only has an idea for a book with nothing yet written. At that point the book coach would work with the author to clarify the message the author wants to share in the book and offer support with brainstorming. The coach may aid the author in developing the chapters and help the author organize a structure for the book providing the steps to writing a book. The coach can provide critiquing of the book as it progresses along toward completion and could also review the completed manuscript and offer valuable feedback. A coach also helps authors overcome any obstacles and build confidence.

Who does a book coach work with?
If you've ever said, "I want to write a book" but had no idea how to start, you may need a book coach. A book coach works with aspiring authors who know they need support and guidance to write and publish their book. They may need the guidance to learn how to begin writing a book. They're invested in their decision to write the best book they can-and know they will succeed with professional assistance. Book coaches usually specialize in certain types of books in the fiction and nonfiction genres. Many book coaches are authors themselves and have expertise in the book writing and publishing process. The typical client who seeks a book coach is a first-time author who realizes the journey doesn't have to be a solo one and is open to the guidance a coach provides. These authors know they need all the help they can get to produce a book they can be proud of.

How does a book coach work?
A book coach can customize the approach based on the author's needs, time, and budget. The coach and author set up a plan with actions and timelines when they begin the relationship. The coach can provide regular accountability to keep the author on track and meeting short-term goals. An author might request regular phone chats for questions and feedback. These can be any combination of email, phone, Zoom, or in-person visits. The book coach either charges by the hour (anywhere from $60 to $125/hr.), by the project, or by the package (see below). The coach may refer the author to other service providers such as book cover designers, formatters, and copyeditors.

What results can I expect from working with a book coach?
Especially if you're writing your first book, you'll find the book writing and publishing process easier to navigate with a book coach on your team. You have someone to cheer you on, support and guide you, answer your questions, and celebrate your successes. You'll have a much greater chance of writing and finishing a successful book when you work with a book coach. You can expect the results you desire if you both do your part. You may find your writing is stronger and the quality is improved. You might notice you can more easily overcome challenges like writer's block or fears and excuses. You can expect to emerge from the relationship a better writer with a far superior book than if you worked alone.

How can I find the best book coach for me and my book?
Find a book coach by referral or searching. Interview several until you find the one you feel the most comfortable with and whose skills you have confidence in. During your initial consultation let the book coach know your areas of strength and weakness, your timeframe, and your budget. Together you'll come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Your Fabulous First Book Coaching Program
What it is and what to expect. This is a 8-week program where you’ll work with your book coach one-on-one through several Zoom calls and have regular accountability support with your accountability coach. Our goals in this program are to prepare a book synopsis, decide on your book title, develop your table of contents, determine your timeline for the writing and publishing journey, and set up your regular writing schedule.

Accountability Coaching
What it is and what to expect. When you sign up for this package, you’re requesting to have a weekly check-in with your coach for 15 minutes by phone or Zoom. You’ll also get unlimited email support during the month. You can expect to get continual support and feedback on your book in progress.  You’ll have someone to hold you responsible for meeting the goals you and your coach set. Start off on the right track by obtaining accountability from the beginning.

One-on-one Coaching
What it is and what to expect. In this package you'll either have a one-time 45-minute call with your coach or an ongoing relationship for however long you sign up for. Your 45-minute coaching sessions by phone or Zoom will allow you to utilize the coach's expertise to help you with any issues you have in writing your book. With the one call, you can set goals to achieve to move you on the right path to writing and publishing your book. With ongoing calls, you'll have a partner on your book writing journey.

Group Coaching
What it is and what to expect. Each group coaching meeting by Zoom will offer a lesson, time for Q&A, and laser (individual) coaching for all participants depending on how many are present. Questions may be sent in advance or proposed at the call. All group members participate in support and feedback. In each meeting you'll gain knowledge, have your questions answered, and will be able to support other group members. Sign up for one month or three months to get ongoing support as you write your book.


Fill in this form to apply for the program of your choice. I will contact you after you complete the form to answer any questions. I look forward to working with you in whichever program you choose.



Your Fabulous First Book Coaching Program

Accountability Coaching

One-on-one Coaching

Group Coaching

Online Course

Writer's Retreat


Your Fabulous First Book Coaching Program

Several coaching calls on Zoom; regular accountability

In the 8 weeks of the program, you will develop your synopsis, decide on your book title, create your table of contents, and set a work schedule and timeline for your writing journey. The Zoom meetings will set you up to begin writing your book, and you'll be held accountable to stay on course over the 8 weeks.

$1,997. BUY NOW


Accountability Coaching

15 minutes/week by phone or Zoom

Have an accountability check-in once a week to stay on track. Ideal for those just starting to write their book. We will set goals, and I will support you in achieving them. I will answer any questions you have about the book writing process.

$197/month includes emails for support when needed. BUY NOW
$547 for three months (12 15-minute calls) paid in advance. BUY NOW

one on one

One-on-one Coaching

45-minute individual coaching calls by phone or Zoom

Let’s work on your book together. One call to get you started or a series of calls to keep you moving forward to completing your book.

$147/call with one follow-up email. BUY NOW
$547/month for four 45-minute calls paid in advance. BUY NOW
$1497 for three months (twelve 45-minute calls). BUY NOW

Group coaching

Group Coaching

Three group calls/month on Zoom for 45 – 60 minutes

First a 15-minute lesson on book writing concepts;
then 15 minutes  of Q&A; then laser coaching.
Minimum five people; maximum ten.

$197/month. BUY NOW
$547 for three months. BUY NOW

Online course

Online Courses

Coming Fall, 2022

Two six-module courses covering how to start and finish your fabulous first nonfiction book and how to build a book business. Both include an option for one-on-one coaching. Once/month Zoom calls for Q&A.

$597 without coaching. BUY NOW
$747 with one 45-minute coaching session. BUY NOW

EA retreat (1)

Writer's Retreat

Coming 2022

Spend a quiet weekend away from daily distractions to write your book. Comfortable room and meals provided. Group lessons and personal coaching offered. Sacred space for quiet contemplation.

Details to follow. Fill in the form to hold your space.

If you have any questions and would like to schedule a complimentary strategy session, please click here to contact me and scroll to the bottom of the page to schedule your call by phone or Zoom.

Andrew Fitzgerald

“When I started looking for support to write, edit, and publish my book I needed to find someone who had pedigree as a writer, a coach, an editor, and self-publisher as well as someone to partner with me on my journey to producing my book and not just being a transactional relationship. Andrea laid out the timeline and the milestones for each step along the way and got me very well structured using a mixture of dictation and writing to finally publishing my book while letting me retain my own style and autonomy around some elements. Andrea’s communication was outstanding to the many queries and questions I had and was always delivered very promptly as well as helping me understand her point of view from her vast experience. I would recommend Andrea to everyone who is thinking of writing a book as she is an expert in her field.”
Andrew Fitzgerald, Author,  How Did I Get Here?