Andrea Susan Glass

Hi new, seasoned, or bestselling author! I’m glad you found your way to my website. Why? Because you and I are a lot alike. We’re both either writing our first book or building our writing career! It took a while for me to get here, though—probably like you too. I mean we have so many other priorities: jobs or businesses, homes, families, friends, hobbies—so many tasks on our plate and only a limited amount of time. So to write and publish a book would have to climb high up on that list for us to dedicate the amount of time it takes.

But since I’ve ghostwritten dozens of books for clients, at least I knew how to write a book, not like many of the aspiring authors I’ve helped over the years. And I knew I eventually wanted to build a career as an author, ultimately to create passive income in my retirement years. I just didn’t know what to write about. I mean my main area of expertise is in writing and editing—BUT there are SO many books on these subjects, I didn’t see how I could stand out in an incredibly crowded field.


So for years I thought about writing a bookmaybe like you have—and didn’t do much about it except buy other authors’ books on writing and toss about some ideas. It wasn’t until I took an online course on how to build an online course that I got the message loud and clear. The instructor said that if I wanted to build a career teaching new authors about writing through my books and courses, I had to write my first book and become a bestselling author. And so that’s what I set out to do.

I finally came up with the idea for my first published book, Your Fabulous FIRST BOOK: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence & Connection. I wanted to focus on helping aspiring authors learn to write a book that would meet their goals for writing and the readers’ reasons for buying. My book is written and published! And it’s become a bestseller! Yay! So now I have the street creds to teach you how to write your first book! Shortly after I published my first book, I published a follow-up book,  My Fabulous FIRST BOOK: A Workbook Companion to Your Fabulous FIRST BOOK. It too was a bestseller.

Here’s a bit more you might want to know about me. I’m an award-winning ghostwriter, book coach, and copyeditor. As owner of WritersWay for more than 20 years, I’ve assisted hundreds of authors in writing and publishing their books. As a book coach, my goal is to support and guide new authors from their first thoughts to their finished book, from amateur to author.

My area of specialty is in personal and professional development books. I love working with first-time authors to help them write a nonfiction book in the genres of self-help, how-to, personal growth, holistic health, pets, spirituality, small business, among others.

Suzy the Cat

l'm also an instructor with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where I’ve taught writing and editing courses for more than a decade. I’m an active member of the top writing and editing organizations in San Diego, including Publishers & Writers of San Diego (PWSD), San Diego Writers/Editors Guild (SDWEG), San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN), San Diego Writers Ink, as well as Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA).

When I’m not coaching, writing, editing, and teaching, I enjoy gardening, reading, meditating, walking, swimming, word games, volunteering, crafting, and cat naps with my office assistant Suzy, a black cat who can often be found sitting by the computer.

"In Your Fabulous First Book, Andrea Susan Glass offers insights of high value to new authors working on their first book. She brings strong credentials from years of working as a ghostwriter, book coach, and copyeditor to both well-proven and first-time authors alike. As an experienced author, I found myself valuing—and taking notes on—many of her specific pointers for getting a good book written, published, and marketed. Today's book-writing world has both easy and complicated aspects that can lead to a bogged-down status, and Andrea proposes tips to help new authors keep their books headed toward a successful completion—and beyond."
Tom Leech, Author of Fun on the Job

“I just read and thoroughly enjoyed Your Fabulous First Book. Such a good book, so well organized, as smooth as silk, the way the author joins the reader and sails across the sea of writing a book. I so wish I had the benefits of this guide before I wrote my first book! Reading it is like having someone smooth out the bumps on the road before your ride down the ominous looking trail. Andrea Susan Glass writes with clarity as she leads the reader toward the confidence to complete their first book. She has a unique two-pronged approach. She uses both her long career as a ghostwriter, as well as joining the reader in the experience of writing her own first book. It’s like having your older sister hold your hand the first time you jump into the lake. I found her approach friendly and helpful, and I gained so much rich information. Lower your pre-first book jitters and devour this book.”
–Vincentia Schroeter, PhD, Author of Communication Breakthrough

Andrea Susan Glass is an award-winning ghostwriter and the
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