Your Fabulous First Book Checklist

Use this checklist to guide you through the necessary steps to take before you write your first book.
Check each one off as you accomplish it. You’re on your way to great success!

  • Step 1. Clarify your Author Aspiration

    Why are you writing your book? Have you thought about the reason, motive, benefit, need, or result you expect from writing and publishing a book? This is your Author Aspiration, so get clear to proceed to write your book successfully.

  • Step 2. Clarify your Reader Result

    Why will someone buy your book? This is the Reader Result or motive, need, benefit, or reason to buy the book. Readers must have a reason to choose your book over the millions of books available. You need to be clear about what you want your book to deliver so the readers feel satisfied.

  • Step 3. Clarify your Best Buyer

    Who are people most likely to buy your book? Your Best Buyer has the highest desire or need to read and buy your book; generally education for nonfiction. It’s vital for you to identify who your target reader is down to every detail you can define. This will help you find them when you’re marketing your book.

  • Step 4. Clarify your Smart Subject

    What is the best subject for you to meet your author and reader goals? Keep narrowing your Smart Subject down to find your “niche” that will help you stand out from other similar books and attract the ideal reader.

  • Step 5. Clarify your Overall Objective

    What’s next? Will you write more books or is this the only one? Will you create accompanying products like workbooks
    or workshops? Clarify your Overall Objective to help not only with knowing how much and which content to include in your book but where your book fits into your business model, because once you publish a book, you are in business!

  • Step 6. Build Confidence in Writing

    Are you lacking confidence in your writing? How can you build it? Seek out books, courses, classes, or coaching. Have some of your target readers review your book and do any rewrites based on the feedback. Use an editor or ghostwriter if you need more help.

  • Step 7. Build Confidence in Subject

    Are you lacking confidence in your subject? The clearer you are on steps # 1, 2, and 3, the more confidence you’ll have in your subject and niche. Research by studying Amazon for comparative titles; discover where you can stand out.

  • Step 8. Build Confidence in Marketing

    Are you lacking confidence in your marketing? Most first-time authors have little experience in marketing and none in marketing a book. If you’ve marketed a service or other product transfer some of your confidence over to your book. The more you know about your best buyer, the easier it will be to promote your book to them. Each sale will absolutely build your confidence in marketing!

  • Step 9. Make Connection in Book to Readers

    How are you connecting to your readers in your book? With fiction, you connect with compelling characters; with nonfiction you insert yourself in your book in some way. Make sure you make this connection as it’s vital to your reader giving a good review and telling others.

  • Step 10. Make Connection in Marketplace to Buyers

    How have you or are planning to connect to your buyers in the marketplace? Since you know your readers and where you can find them, you need to determine the most effective way for you to connect to them. You can choose among online and offline marketing methods, the best being the ones that fit your book, your reader, and your personality and skills.

  • Step 11. Make Connection to Team/Partners

    Have you made any connections to team members or partners? Writing a book is not a solo journey. Determine who you want on your team from cover designer to editor and get referrals to build your team. Find partners, those who will help you market your book by joint venture or affiliate arrangements, among other strategies.