Develop Your Concept Around A Compelling Book Idea

writing a book while thinking

Behind every successful nonfiction book lies a compelling idea that engages readers, motivates change, or imparts valuable knowledge. The process of developing your book concept is a creative and strategic endeavor that requires careful thought and planning. In a previous post, I discussed how to choose your book’s topic and niche. Here I’ll discuss the next step which is developing your book’s topic into a compelling narrative that appeals to your audience. Identify the core of your idea At the heart of every great nonfiction book is a central idea that needs to be expanded to create a satisfying result for the reader. To begin the process of developing your topic, consider what the core message is that you want to convey. It could revolve…

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Book Review – Backwards Book Launch: Reverse Engineer Your Book and Unlock Its Hidden 6-Figure Potential by Michelle Kulp

As a book coach, copyeditor, ghostwriter, and bestselling author, I’ve bought and read dozens of books about how to write, publish, and market books. Writing is my strong suit, marketing not so much. Some of these books are published merely to promote the author’s other books or products, and some don’t really have all that much content. Michelle Kulp clarifies that her book teaches WHAT to do, not HOW to do it. So that set me up for knowing what I was getting. And I got a lot!  Michelle’s credentials Since she has helped over 150 authors with their book launches and many have become #1 bestselling authors, Michelle is the real deal! She’s someone readers can feel confident they could learn from and turn…

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