Book Review – Backwards Book Launch: Reverse Engineer Your Book and Unlock Its Hidden 6-Figure Potential by Michelle Kulp

As a book coach, copyeditor, ghostwriter, and bestselling author, I’ve bought and read dozens of books about how to write, publish, and market books. Writing is my strong suit, marketing not so much.

Some of these books are published merely to promote the author’s other books or products, and some don’t really have all that much content. Michelle Kulp clarifies that her book teaches WHAT to do, not HOW to do it. So that set me up for knowing what I was getting. And I got a lot! 

Michelle’s credentials

Since she has helped over 150 authors with their book launches and many have become #1 bestselling authors, Michelle is the real deal! She’s someone readers can feel confident they could learn from and turn their books into six-figure incomes. 

Michelle’s goal with this book is to show authors how to “create an integrated product suite around your book.” She asserts, “There is hidden money tucked away inside your book…It’s time for authors to start seeing their books as a larger gateway to multiple streams of income.”

Products and services

With that premise she offers a variety of products and services that can add to the profit potential of one book. She uses several examples to show what’s possible in building a business based on a book. “People are inundated with INFORMATION, but are hungry for TRANSFORMATION,” claims Michelle. In nonfiction books filled with great content, readers only get value if they implement what they read. And the best way for that to happen is if the author can provide additional support such as with workshops or coaching—or what she refers to as “a follow up program built in on the back-end of their book.

100 ways to $100K

I enjoyed reading the stories of how several author/entrepreneurs started out and reached great success with their books. I loved the worksheet where I can determine what additional products I want to develop based on my book and estimated revenue. And I was overwhelmed with the 12 Profit Paths and the list of 100 ways to make $100K from a book. So many possibilities—and all one has to do is write their first book. From there, the choices are unlimited as to what you can offer beyond your book.


Although Michelle promotes her programs in her book, she doesn’t do it in an in-your-face way. The programs are available if after you read her book and learn WHAT to do, you need help with HOW to do it. In other words, she’s walking her talk. She’s claiming she can help the reader implement the ideas in her book with additional services and products—just what she teaches!

I look forward to continuing to implement her amazing ideas as I head over to the #1 bestseller list with my next book!

If you get value from books like this, you will get value from my book

My book, Your Fabulous First Book, has a similar audience; however, I show new authors how to write a book to achieve their goals, and I have little about book launching and creating additional products. We both talk about author and reader benefits, which are essential to know before writing your book.

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