Choosing Your Nonfiction Book Topic for Power and Profit

Embarking on the journey of writing your first nonfiction book can be exciting—that is if you know the best topic for your book! As you start out to share your knowledge and experience with the world through a book, one of the most vital decisions you’ll face is selecting the right topic. Your book’s subject determines what you’ll be offering to readers, what has market appeal, and what is fulfilling for you, in other words, what’s a powerful topic. And you want to know that the book will create a profit for you.

This was a huge challenge for me when I was struggling with an idea for my first book. I’d known for years I wanted to write a book, but every subject I considered seemed to be saturated with hundreds of titles. How could I stand out? What topic would be ideal to blend my professional expertise with reader interest? I did finally figure it out, and I’ve compiled some tips to help you with this part of your author experience.

Discover your niche, a balance between expertise and interest

The first step in selecting your nonfiction book topic is to identify your niche. A niche is that specialized area within a broader subject, one that helps you stand out from others. Discover where your expertise and experience meet to offer a wealth of knowledge that can help a group of readers eager to learn. Additionally, explore what you love to talk about and share with others from your unique perspective.

Uncover your distinct perspective

In an ever-increasingly crowded market, you need to find your unique voice and vision to help you stand out. What sets your book apart from others? How will readers benefit from your content? What changes would you like them to make in their life as a result of reading your book. What’s special about you and your content could be an approach you’ve been successful with in your business or results you’ve seen from coaching or classes you’ve presented. You could share new discoveries, personal anecdotes, and case studies or interviews. Write a statement about your distinct perspective so it can guide your writing, engage your readers, and serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Let reader and author interest be driving factors

What readers are looking for should propel your choice of topic. When you’re committed to influencing your chosen intended market, your enthusiasm for your topic will allow you to create more engaging and relatable content. Your desire to help others through your book will sustain you during the research and writing phases, especially when challenges arise—and they will. Since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time writing your book, you’ll want to be certain to choose a topic that resonates deeply with you. What excites you, that you’re eager to learn more about, and that you could discuss endlessly without losing interest?

Study market demand and competition

In order to reach your intended readers, you’ll need to evaluate market demand and competition. Research existing books in your chosen niche to see what’s available and how well those books are selling. Do your best to assess the potential audience size and interest in your topic. You’ll want to reveal a sizable audience desiring the information you’ll provide. You can do your research by proposing surveys to your mailing list and on the social media sites you frequent. Hang out in groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to gauge interest levels and gather feedback.

Selecting your nonfiction book’s topic comes down to blending your expertise, your uniqueness, and reader demand. Your ideal topic will be a rewarding experience not only for the hoard of readers you plan to attract, but for you—first time author of a book you’ll be proud of. So, take the time to study, explore, and reflect as you choose the topic for your first nonfiction book—and maybe not the last!

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