Book Review – ChatGPT for Nonfiction Authors: How to Use ChatGPT to Write Better, Faster, and More Effectively by Hassan Osman and ChatGPT

In this unique book, the “authors” discuss using ChatGPT for brainstorming, idea generation, research, information gathering, writing a book, editing, text summarization, repurposing content, and book marketing. The authors also discuss the ethical considerations of using AI for your writing needs.

Who’s the author?

The human writer explains upfront that the majority of the book was written by ChatGPT. If you’re not familiar with it (are you serious?), it’s the most popular artificial intelligence software being used today for a variety of purposes, most often writing.

How to get started

Hassan Osman is a part-time author of over 15 nonfiction books, many bestsellers. In order to begin the process of writing this book, Osman asked ChatGPT how it could help him write a book. Then he asked Chat to suggest book titles, subtitles, and to write an outline for the book with chapter titles and bullet points for each chapter. It does seem challenging to wrap your head around this concept, that is, asking this artificial intelligence to write a book about this artificial intelligence. Yet, here we are…it was accomplished, and it’s a helpful, practical book for nonfiction authors.

Turning the output into a book

Osman next asked Chat to draft content for each chapter based on the bullet points. To put his own stamp on the content generated by ChatGPT, he did some research, added additional topics, rearranged sections, checked facts, and improved examples—as well as doing the final edits. All told, it took one week to write and publish this book on Amazon.

The author champions ChatGPT as a definite boon to nonfiction writers; however, he doesn’t suggest that it replaces us. It’s another tool—albeit an amazing, revolutionary one—but it’s just that, a tool. As authors, we still hold responsibility for the words we publish, whether it’s blogs like this one (and yes, I did ask ChatGPT for help) or full-length books. We need to make sure “our voice” and “our unique ideas” are heard, yet AI can assist us in whatever areas we feel we need support. We may as well embrace it because it’s not going away.

If you get value from books like this, you will get value from my book.

Although my book, Your Fabulous First Book, is not about artificial intelligence, it is an educational tome for nonfiction authors. What you learn from my book regarding clarity, confidence, and connection is a great place to begin to write your first book. Then you can employ the exciting powers of ChatGPT to help you with your book title, chapters, content, and whatever you see fit for support.

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