Why now is the ideal time to write your book

“I’m bored!” I keep hearing from friends and relatives who are holed up indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Honestly! I’ve only been bored in two situations in my life. One was being stuck in a dead-end job I couldn’t wait to leave. The other is every time I’ve been stuck in traffic that was barely moving.

Never bored at home

At home, I have more than enough projects to occupy my attention for a lifetime—at least what time I have left. There’s always housework and yard work, two never-ending projects. I ALWAYS have papers everywhere that need sorting, filing, and tossing!

How about every closet, drawer, and storage unit in the house that haven’t been sorted and cleaned out for years? Not to mention the books, DVDs, and infinite programs on streaming. And don’t even get me started on the Internet—especially YouTube—that black hole that sucks you in and spits you out in a state of wonderment as to where the last four hours have gone. And I’m a crafter—you name it, I’ve tried it. I have a shed full of art supplies to prove it, all beckoning me to take some “free” (what’s that?) time to play and create! 

Write your book while stuck at home

So you can see that being stuck at home in self-isolation is not going to be a source of boredom for me. Oh, and did I mention I have at least two dozen books I want to write “someday.” I once heard that someday is not a day of the week, so I’d better get started. Hmmm… is being stuck in isolation a good time to write a book? You bet it is! And that’s how I’ll be using some of my homebound time. 

When I need to do interviews, I have Zoom and Skype. When I need to do research, I have Amazon and Google! When I need a cover designer, copy editor, etc., I have the Internet! And when I need to figure out some software, I have…ta da…YouTube. 

For me this was a great time to write my book, the one I’ve been planning for almost two years and got stuck on moving forward because most of my time is spent coaching or writing/editing my clients’ books! And if you’re not working because of the stay-at-home situation due to the pandemic, it’s a great time to write that book you never have time to write.

Start your book now

Pull out your notes and computer files and make a daily stab at the book. Can you write from 9 to 11 AM every day? Can you stick to a schedule? This works for some and not others. But you know yourself best, and if you take “no time to write” out of the excuse list, the time is now! 

So do you have any more excuses not to write your book? I’ve heard all of them. The universe has—not very graciously—handed us the one most often complained about issue that was keeping most people from writing their book: Time! Well we have it now, great gooping gobs of it. So pour yourself a glass of water (or wine), open a doc, and let the words come tumbling out on the page. And remember, while you’re engrossed in writing, you can’t worry about where to find toilet paper!

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