Book Review – Read Books All Day & Get Paid for It: The Business of Book Coaching by Jennie Nash

Who wouldn’t want to read books all day and get paid for it? I know I do. And as a book coach, I do just that. Although I’d like to do more of it. 

So I sought out this book to build my book coaching business as I was impressed by the author, Jennie Nash’s, website. Not only is she a book coach, but she has a successful intensive book coach training program and lots of other activities going on.

I found Read Books All Day & Get Paid For It to be a small book with a big punch! It has just about everything you ever wanted to know about book coaching and didn’t know where to find it. 

All about book coaching

The topics Jennie covers include the business of book coaching, how to make money, setting up business processes, marketing your business, writing a business plan, and optimizing your business. I can’t imagine any aspect of starting a book coaching business that is not covered in this comprehensive book.

Action steps and extras

I especially found the action steps, recommended reading, and pro tips that are inserted throughout each chapter extremely valuable. I thought the worksheets and templates were so helpful, as I wouldn’t have to create them myself. 

Jennie’s lists of the qualities of a great book coach and the characteristics of a coachable client are essential for a new book coach to determine if they’re right for this career and who the optimal client is that they would like to work with.

Integrity and values

Jennie talks about how crucial values and integrity are to building a successful book coaching business. She says, “There is a direct correlation between the way I conduct myself and the value people perceive to be getting from my business offerings. This is one of the key reasons why I get referrals and repeat clients, and why I attract the right kinds of clients for me. Integrity is a cornerstone of my business success.”

After reading this book and doing the actions, I believe I can build my book coaching business to even greater success. This way I can help more people achieve the goals they have for their books. Book coaching is a necessary path for so many new authors who need guidance. Jennie’s book can guide those who want to build a book coaching business and help aspiring authors to reach their own success! It’s a win for everyone.

If you get value from books like this, you will get value from my book

Although I am a book coach, my books, Your Fabulous First Book and My Fabulous First Book are for an audience of first-time authors, rather than those who want to build a career as a book coach. I focus more on my expertise as a ghostwriter which has given me the experience to write quality books and to aid new authors who are writing their first book.

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