Book Review – The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan by Stephanie Chandler and Karl W. Palachuk

Authors Stephanie Chandler and Karl W. Palachuk have packed The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan: The Professional Guide to Profitable Self-Publishing with everything a first-time nonfiction author could want to know about publishing a book. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more comprehensive book on this topic—and I’ve read a lot of books!

About the authors

Both authors share their backgrounds and how they came to be where they are today—which not only offers credibility, but allows new authors to imagine they can follow a similar path. I know I’m always encouraged when I learn of the humble beginnings of people like Stephanie Chandler who has accomplished so much, especially starting and growing the Nonfiction Authors Association.

Self vs traditional publishing

Although focused on self-publishing, the authors do present the pros and cons of traditional vs. indie publishing as well as a chapter on how to get a traditional book deal. Stephanie also explains why she left traditional publishing for the indie path. Also, in several of the author interviews the authors discuss why they chose the self-publishing path over the traditional path.

Multiple income opportunities

The authors share how they market their books through speaking, webinars, podcasts, trade shows, and referrals. And also how they not only make money from book sales but other revenue streams like trainings, coaching, memberships, and various programs. As a member of Stephanie’s Nonfiction Authors Association, I can attest to the fact that it’s an amazing membership that offers tons of resources for nonfiction authors including webinars, educational content, and contests.

Interviews and resources

The eight interviews with successful authors add a dimension to the book that helps illustrate what’s possible and that encourages new authors. There are also many links to resources, so if you’re reading the ebook, you can get directly to them.

Your book is a business

As a big proponent of authors setting themselves up as a business, I appreciate the chapter on the author-publisher business operations. The authors state, “By now, we hope that you understand that by self-publishing, you’ve gone into business for yourself (if you weren’t already in business). You are an entrepreneur, and that means that you also need to think and act like a business owner. This involves managing cash flow, collecting sales tax, managing bookkeeping, and filing business taxes. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds, and there can be many advantages to business ownership.”

My third book that I’ll be releasing in 2024 is about building a book business, so I fully relate to this chapter.

If readers follow all 19 chapters including enrolling beta readers and getting a book designed and printed to the basics of launching and marketing books, they’ll have all they need to be on the road to success. I can’t think of anything the authors haven’t covered to prepare a new author for a complete and successful book writing and publishing journey.

If you get value from books like this, you will get value from my book.

My book, Your Fabulous First Book, is also for an audience of first-time nonfiction authors, primarily those who are self-published. I focus on my expertise as a ghostwriter as well as a published author, which gives me the experience to write a quality book that aids new authors in writing their first book. After reading this book, I know I can add great value to my book coaching clients by filling in the blanks in my knowledge base. As a book coach, I guide aspiring authors through all the steps described in this book to help them reach their book writing and publishing goals!

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