How Can Authors Use Social Media to Find Readers for Their Books?

As a self-published author, you might consider using social media to introduce yourself to potential readers of your book. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, you have a huge audience for exposure.

  • First you want to let readers know about you.
  • Second you want to let readers know about your book.
  • Third, you want to share why your book is the answer to a reader’s problem or is in their area of interest.

Generally, fiction entertains and nonfiction educates. Since I’m all about nonfiction, I’ll expand on that. As an expert, your nonfiction book shares your expertise to reach a wider, larger audience than you do with your services. And where can you find a larger audience than social media?

Attract ideal readers

Your goal when posting on social media is to find and attract readers, those who fit your ideal audience. How do you do that? First, make them interested in you, what you’re about, and what you stand for. Your area of expertise and how you deliver it is what sets you apart from your competitors—and there are a lot of them!

So share your expertise in your posts. Show potential readers how you’re different as a coach or therapist or realtor or whatever you excel at. Then talk about the problem your reader has that would drive them to seek a solution, your book being a possible solution.

You want readers to say, “This person knows what they’re talking about. Let’s see how they can solve my problem or answer my questions.” Then you talk about your book, how it’s a first level answer to their situation. They may want to start off with a $20 investment for your book before they’re ready to spend more on your services.

Your posts should be 75% about you and your expertise and the reader’s problem. And then 25% about your book and services. Social media is more effective when you build personal relationships that build trust, rather than going straight for the sale.

Ask questions; encourage engagement

In your posts, ask questions that can encourage engagement. For example, I might ask, “What’s the greatest challenge you’re facing in getting started writing your book?” Then respond when someone comments and continue to build relationships as the trusted expert. Since my books are about helping first-time nonfiction authors get started writing their book, this question will open the door to conversations about challenges that I can respond to as my area of expertise.

Show your interest and start to engage and join conversations with appropriate comments and remarks. As you connect, people will connect with and follow you. Also make sure you pick the best platform where you think your ideal readers are and where you’re comfortable. I love LinkedIn and I kind of like Facebook. However, I don’t care for Instagram and Twitter. I haven’t tried TikTok. And I’m planning on building a YouTube channel. These are only my personal feelings, so test them all to see what works best for you.


Images are important in social media. Each platform has its own rules as to what’s allowed and what works best for attracting your ideal readers. I suggest you alternate between pictures of you, your book, and eye-catching graphics. See what others in your niche are posting, and follow what attracts you to a post. Above all else make sure you post consistently. And after a few months, evaluate which platform is best or if social media is effective for you as an author.

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